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Julia / 18 / MA, USA / The only thing straight about me is the way I like my liquor / I like long walks on the beach, romantic movies and poking things with a stick / I always follow back(;
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Yayyyyy my roommate seems normal


adulthood is just an endless stream of phone calls you don’t want to make but have to

(via lesbipoet13)

I went to Dick’s Last Resort for lunch today (it’s a restaurant in Boston where the waiters are super sassy assholes to you) and here’s what went down:
-I tried to order a girlfriend with my meal
-they made me a paper hat that said “Ithaca lowered its standards” and suburban-paradise's hat said “easier than community college”
-a waiter put balloons under his shirt and shoved his balloon tits in my face
-my waitress tried to set me up with a gay waitress but she claimed she was married
-they gave me a light up shot glass because they ran out of the regular light up cups
-they then made me do a bj shot of chocolate milk and whipped cream. I failed miserably…cause I’m gay

I love that place so much.